If you’re barking at someone through a megaphone, say, in front of a clinic, you don’t care about their welfare. When has screaming at someone through a megaphone changed their minds or helped them? Never. If you truly cared about women or babies, wouldn’t you reach out to them one on one? Offer understanding? Support? A megaphone is used to force your thoughts on everybody, that’s all. You want everybody to hear what you have to say, and for some reason, you think if you’re the loudest, you’re right.

You’re wrong. You know it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t need a megaphone.


The most vital thing I learned in college, and still use every day, didn’t come from classes or lectures. It came from the admin building. I call this class, how to wade through the morons and get what you need done. They should issue a diploma just for that. Granted, most of the incompetence came from part-time student staffers, but they showed me what we have to deal with for the rest of our lives at say, the DMV. The doctor’s billing office. Your cable provider. Online returns. It never goes away.

Oh, and your student loans are due, forever.

The Parade

She ignored the marching bands, the applause after the floats, the clopping of horses and scouts singing songs. She promised herself one day she’d join the parade.

She’d tuned it out for a while and, missing the racket, went to the streets. They were empty. Her heart sank as she found only discarded noisemakers, leftover confetti. The parade was gone.

She couldn’t have missed it. She marched up the street defiantly, tears burning her eyes. Now, she would be the parade. Bystanders thought her ridiculous but she marched on, desperate for anyone to join in and keep the parade alive.