Evidence of termite damage to the house was there from day one. We let it go for a couple of months. That turned into a couple of years. The damage was growing but no one seemed threatened enough by it to really do anything.

One day, evidence of destruction became massive. We called in experts to take care of the problem.

“This is serious,” they said. “Termites are part of the cockroach family. They’re basically little white cockroaches and they will do anything to protect their colony. Anything.”

The house has started creaking. Disintegrating. We hope it’s not too late.


We were at the end of our hike when it started raining. We ran, long and hard, until it was laughable to think any part of us could still be dry.

We caught our breath under a tree and watched the downpour.

She unclenched her fist, let go of her collar, and walked out into the street.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

She shrugged. “Home.”

She smiled, and we walked. Rain everywhere. I took a deep breath of air filtered through a cloud. Occasionally someone sprinted past us, kicking up puddles.

But we weren’t going to get any wetter.

Two Kinds of People

There are two kinds of people: The first are so incredibly stupid you can’t believe they’re still alive. Especially the older ones. You look at them and wonder how on earth they’ve managed to hold down a job, drive a nice car and have families, all while choking down fast food and reality TV. Lucky I guess? The other kind are poised and caring and use their having-it-togetherness to lift people up and leave the world a better place. They’re the group I find wholly intimidating. I feel myself sinking into the muddled vat of stupid people when they’re around.