The Armoire, Revisited

Think I’ve figured something out.

I’ve walked the haunted tour for years now, hundreds and thousands of times. Tour groups climb these stairs to the armoire, where the guide recounts the story of the ghost inside. The doors are opened, but the armoire is empty, always empty, despite shrieks of fright from the tourists. They just want a good scare. Can’t they see there’s no ghost in there?

And then, they’re gone. I only notice when, at the foot of the staircase, the door creaks wide. Another tour has arrived. And a thought crosses my mind.

Am I the ghost?

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I See

I see a future where technology is so immersive, we get laser eye surgery for real-time, heads-up displays and interactive content. Imagine, pulling up a map for directions that just floats in front of you, or sitting to chat with a long-distance loved one.

The surgery’s offered free by your cable and internet provider. Open a free account and they’ll throw in the first year of service too. Of course, when the promotional period ends, they’ll raise the price, month after month after month. If you can’t pay, they simply freeze your account until you can.

But now, you’re blind.


Manners? There were none. The Internet was a bloody, sweat drenched barroom brawl. The Digital Decency Act changed all that. The anonymous threats, the bullying, the predatory behavior, all of that, gone. All inspired by a thesis on animals who, for whatever reason, could not “see” digital screens. Once the technology was developed, everything changed. An 8mm implant, and the Guilty – Those who took pleasure in toxicity. In causing pain. In division. In chaos. – They were rendered screenblind. Televisions, terminals, portable screens, all useless.

Oh, they could still enjoy a movie at the drive-in. They’re popping up everywhere.