I See

I see a future where technology is so immersive, we get laser eye surgery for real-time, heads-up displays and interactive content. Imagine, pulling up a map for directions that just floats in front of you, or sitting to chat with a long-distance loved one.

The surgery’s offered free by your cable and internet provider. Open a free account and they’ll throw in the first year of service too. Of course, when the promotional period ends, they’ll raise the price, month after month after month. If you can’t pay, they simply freeze your account until you can.

But now, you’re blind.

The Desire Clamp

The Desire Clamp is the simplest solution to date in the battle against anxiety, depression, fatigue, low self-esteem, feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness, shame, insomnia, upset stomach, and that nagging inner voice.

Take one easy-to-swallow capsule with 8oz. of tap and the Desire Clamp does the rest. With patented self-guiding technology, the capsule finds and “clamps” itself permanently to the hypothalamus. Now in place, the “want” centers of the brain are in unlimited hibernation, thus, letting you forget your worries, get down to business, and get back to your busy day. Sign up is free.* 

*Via 24 deductions from net pay.