Cropped Out

A close friend’s missing and I thought I’d reach out.

We all went out last night. I posted pics but unforch Tiffany’s not in any of them, so it’s dumb to post them here. I asked the girls and weird, she’s not in any of their pics either. Okay, I admit I cropped her out of mine, but they were the best ones of everybody except Tiff and I didn’t want to upset her.

Weird. I just looked through all our pics and it’s like Tiff wasn’t even there. Like she never existed. Don’t be mad, T. Where are you?


We knew the day would come, and it did. Then they were just, gone. Just, not there. Quickly followed by an urgent need to clear their things away. Drawers and drawers full of their daily ephemera. A straightened paper clip, some coins there, and who needs this many pencils?

They saved and socked away the endless random details of random days, and I’m looking at it all… And I have no attachment to it, and I feel bad.

I keep a small box of their things stashed in a corner though. Just in case. Something tactile.

So they’re not forever erased.