It seems strange now, studying cultural fetishes of the past. I wondered, how did a whole society decide to wear that thing? How did that become a symbol of power? I thought about that the day stilts became illegal, except for those of rank. Stilts can now only be worn by Lobbyists, Lawmakers, and the President. If a person of rank is seated, you may only address them while kneeling. Your eye line must never be equal to theirs, that’s the rational, and for now, it works. But one day, I imagine a revolution of hatchets and saws will come.


Evidence of termite damage to the house was there from day one. We let it go for a couple of months. That turned into a couple of years. The damage was growing but no one seemed threatened enough by it to really do anything.

One day, evidence of destruction became massive. We called in experts to take care of the problem.

“This is serious,” they said. “Termites are part of the cockroach family. They’re basically little white cockroaches and they will do anything to protect their colony. Anything.”

The house has started creaking. Disintegrating. We hope it’s not too late.