Manners? There were none. The Internet was a bloody, sweat drenched barroom brawl. The Digital Decency Act changed all that. The anonymous threats, the bullying, the predatory behavior, all of that, gone. All inspired by a thesis on animals who, for whatever reason, could not “see” digital screens. Once the technology was developed, everything changed. An 8mm implant, and the Guilty – Those who took pleasure in toxicity. In causing pain. In division. In chaos. – They were rendered screenblind. Televisions, terminals, portable screens, all useless.

Oh, they could still enjoy a movie at the drive-in. They’re popping up everywhere.

Her Phone

She’s staring at her phone.
She’s staring at her phone.
She’s unblinking, at her phone.

She sighs.
More stares.
More unblinks.

Much later,
She’s still staring at her phone.

We try to talk to her.
She mumbles “mhmm”, or “wha”.
Then announces, “Could it mean buttered toast!?” Oh, the disbelief. She types away.
And stares at her phone.

I stand, anomic. I’ve no idea what’s going on.
I’m out the door.
Then, panic.

Her battery’s almost drained dry.
At last, she’ll be off her phone.
She frantically unplugs my phone and plugs hers in.

She’s back on her phone.